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Pearl Coscia Necklace - Akoya Salt Water 7-7,5 mm - 0

Akoya Salt Water Pearl Necklace - Coscia Collection. 7-7,5 mm diameter Akoya pearl necklace with 18 carat white gold clasp and diamonds. Necklace length 45 cm.
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Coscia Necklace Akoya Pearls of Salt Water with Clasp in White Gold for Woman

Coscia necklace Akoya pearls grown in salt water with a diameter of 7-7,5 mm with 18 carat white gold clasp (total gold weight 3,00 grams) and 0.02 carat diamonds. Necklace length 45 cm.

Pearls diameter: 7-7,5 mm
Total gold weight: 3,00 grams
Carat Diamonds: 0.02 carat
Necklace length: 45cm

The cultivation of Akoya pearls takes place inside the bivalve molluscs belonging to the genus Pinctada (Pinctada Fucata and sub-species Pinctada Martensi). In the industrial field, however, Japanese pearl oysters are commonly called "Akoya" while the pearls they produce are simply called "Akoya cultured pearls". The Akoya oyster has always been particularly abundant in the waters that surround Japan, even if other species exist in China, Korea, Southeast Asia, Australia and the Red Sea but also in the Persian Gulf and along all the coasts eastern and southern Africa, finally off the Caribbean Islands. Despite the different locations, Japan and China are undoubtedly the largest producers of Akoya cultured pearls. The temperate climate of these regions, with not very cold winters, allows these molluscs to produce pearls with a very high degree of brightness. The Akoya oyster is smaller than other pearl oysters. Reached its complete development, it presents a shell with measures ranging from 8 to 13 cm in diameter. The difference in size becomes abysmal when compared to the Pinctada Maxima (cultivation of the South Seas) which can even reach 30 cm in diameter.

The logical consequence of small oysters are pearls which generally tend to be relatively small. The Akoya cultured pearls, in fact, have dimensions ranging from 2 mm to 11 mm in diameter. A diameter of 10 mm is infrequent while if of 11 mm it represents a completely exclusive phenomenon.

This Akoya pearl necklace for women will be shipped in the original Coscia jewelry box with official guarantee.

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